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Eleanor & Daisy Street, Miles

Eleanor & Daisy Street

Miles 4415 Queensland

To help accommodate Miles residents suffering severe housing stress, Origin Energy and Horizon Housing delivered the first affordable housing in Queensland through a not-for-profit and resource company partnership.

The resource industry boom has caused severe housing pressures in the Western Downs and Maranoa regions. Insufficient housing stock levels and escalating prices has meant that many homes are out of reach of the existing residents and key workers.

Origin Energy and Horizon Housing formed a partnership in order to address the increased need for affordable housing. Three triplexes were developed in Miles, to give key workers, local residents, families and seniors the opportunity to rent at a significant discount from market rent or buy quality homes at a reasonable price.

Horizon Housing collaborated with neighbours, local businesses, employment agencies, Murilla Community Centre, Western Downs Regional Council and Origin Energy. Through this community engagement, a high demand was identified for smaller affordable dwellings with lower ongoing costs and maintenance. The project therefore follows an attached housing model which has maximised site yield, while still maintaining the low-set housing character of the town.

Located in Daisy & Eleanor Streets, the properties are less than 900m from all amenities within the town centre including schools, parks and recreation, commercial enterprise, health and community services.

The architecturally-designed properties are contemporary in style and of high quality construction. Each triplex unit was designed in a different shape, adjoining those beside it in a highly articulated pattern which maximises the amenity for all residents.

The units have achieved a six-star energy efficiency rating, with a gas hot water system, and gas cooktops to reduce carbon emissions and running costs for tenants. Passive design features, such as cross-flow ventilation, external material colours, insulation and shading have also been incorporated to capitalise on site orientation and solar gains.

Horizon Housing will aim to leverage against the seven retained properties, combined with surpluses from the sale of two dwellings, to deliver further affordable housing projects within the Western Downs and Maranoa regions.

The Affordable Housing project was recognised at the 2013 UDIA Awards, being named winner in the Mining and Resource Development category.