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Muir Street, Labrador

Muir Street

Labrador 4215 Queensland

Horizon Housing’s Assisted Living Project in Labrador has delivered a shared accommodation dwelling custom built for those with profound disabilities.

Demonstrating Horizon Housing’s commitment to deliver innovative, best practice and affordable housing solutions adapted to specific in-need client groups, this project sees tenants with severe disabilities relocated from institutional care facilities, to a custom built home which has been specially designed to cater for their unique requirements.

Funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, The Muir Street development in Labrador comprises of a three-suite share house, with common kitchen and living areas, for a total of three affordable long-term rentals. The property also includes a fourth bedroom and an office to facilitate the residence and support work of a carer. The communal feel and residential design encourages tenants to mix with other residents, promoting a social atmosphere in a safe environment.

While appearing as a house with an appealing street frontage, the building integrates the tenants into the community and out of institutions. Instead of traditional institutional care arrangements, the project promotes inclusive communities being located in a residential area, and in close proximity to associated amenities.

Affordability is achieved on a number of levels with each studio rented to clients who are assisted by a Disability Support Provider, at 25% of income plus rent assistance. The Support Provider is responsible for assisting and working with the disabled tenants of the property on an ongoing basis.

In developing this project, Horizon Housing has provided an innovative response to the need for affordable accommodation among those with disabilities.