Housing Needs to Accommodate Demographic Change

21 August 13

The Surat Basin is home to a rapidly growing - and changing - population, with affordability and infrastructure pressures prompting a re-think about the type of housing that should be provided across the region.

Data from the Office of Economic and Statistical Research (OESR) shows that by 2031, almost 60 per cent of households in both Maranoa and Western Downs will be made up of couples without children or singles.

While this is likely to stem from an increase in non-resident workers coming into the area - it does beg the question of how best to accommodate this future population.

Despite the apparent trend away from the traditional family unit, centres like Roma and Miles are still dominated by larger, three or four bedroom homes - which is an issue in terms of efficient use of space and affordability.

While the traditional family property will continue to play an important part in the future of these towns, current demographic changes means that it makes good sense to diversify, by introducing smaller, more affordable accommodation.

Many singles, couples and apprentice workers would prefer to have their own private space, rather than having to resort to living in a share house to reduce their living expenses.

To this end, Horizon Housing (HH) has been rolling out townhouses and boutique housing product in Roma and Miles since last year, with great success.
Two of HH's most recent projects include a studio unit complex on Acacia Road in Roma, and nine new townhouses in Miles, which are now fully tenanted. These properties are rented under various schemes at a fraction of market rent.

HH has also established an office in Roma, and now has plans to deliver more than 50 dwellings across the Western Downs and Maranoa over the coming years.

Developing apartment or semi-detached product means more efficient use of limited land and infrastructure resources, and more affordable, private housing options - without compromising on quality.


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