Queensland’s largest housing provider awarded Tier One NRSCH rating

22 July 14

Horizon Housing, Queensland’s largest housing provider, has this week been awarded Tier One status under the new National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH). The not-for-profit is one of just 10 organisations in Australia which has received this level of registration and the only housing provider based in Queensland.

This new rating system ensures that operators offering community housing solutions meet the highest level of performance requirements and regulatory engagement, providing Government, financiers and end users, such as tenants, with confidence and assurance.

Horizon Housing CEO, Jason Cubit, believes that this significant achievement will help the Gold Coast based not-for-profit increase its reach by 300 per cent - helping over 2,400 individuals and families in 2014 to 10,000 in the next three years.

“Horizon Housing is committed to finding opportunities to grow and expand the country’s housing stock to help ease the significant shortage of properties available to low to moderate income earners, ranging from people in very high need to homeowners.

“By being awarded a Tier One NRSCH rating, we have already demonstrated our capabilities, governance and quality, meaning that we will be in a position to secure larger and more significant projects.

“To this end we expect to boost our current offering of over 2,400 properties across 15 Local Government Authorities to around 10,000 properties by 2017,” Mr Cubit said.

Minister for Housing and Public Works Tim Mander said that the introduction of the new NRSCH in Queensland means that there will be a consistent regulatory system across Australia.
“The NRSCH makes life a lot easier for community housing providers,” Mr Mander said.
“Providers now only have to register once to be registered in all states and territories.
“Our vision is to deliver a flexible, efficient and responsive housing system that provides all Queenslanders with a safe and affordable place to call home.
“Making that a reality will involve ongoing partnerships with organisations like Horizon Housing and I congratulate them on being among the first community housing providers registered under the NRSCH.”

Since the launch of the new NRSCH system in January 2014, housing providers across the country will apply to be registered in one of three tiers, ranging from large scale housing providers with development activities to small, locally based tenancy managers. Each tier comes with an associated level of compliance, monitoring and reporting frameworks, intended to commensurate with the risk that each provider undertakes.

This registration is now reciprocal, where previously providers were only registered locally by state authorities, and had to re-register to operate in other jurisdictions. Moving forward, a provider registered in Queensland, for example, is automatically registered in other participating states. This means that the delivery of housing services can be extended, encouraging an increase in competition between providers.

Based on the Gold Coast, Horizon Housing has continued to consolidate its exceptional growth in the past few years with the expansion of operations in the Maranoa and Western Downs Regions, the opening of a new office in Roma and the expansion into northern New South Wales.

As an organisation, it is committed to supporting its low income tenants and their families’ aspirations. The team at Horizon Housing works with them to provide pathways for those experiencing housing distress to move into affordable housing that ensures a sustainable future