Horizon Hosts Roma Community BBQ

11 December 13

Non-profit group Horizon has been selected to assume management of approximately 180 Social Housing properties in the Maranoa, as part of a joint State Government and Council initiative.

The transfer of the management of public housing portfolios from State and Council authorities to private, non-profit groups like Horizon is a move that is expected to be mirrored in many regions across Australia, in a bid to deliver a flexible, regionally based and integrated housing system.

Horizon has over 20 years experience in the development and management of social housing, and already has a strong presence in the Maranoa region, with an onsite office in Roma and a number of projects contributing to social and affordable housing already complete or underway in the region.

On Wednesday 4 December, Horizon hosted a BBQ which was attended by over 40 members of the local Community.