Toowoomba to benefit from new housing partnership

27 November 14

Queensland’s first Tier One housing provider, Horizon Housing, and ASSERT Services, Toowoomba’s leading support and housing provider, have formed a strategic alliance to increase the supply of affordable and community housing to Toowoomba and surrounding regions.

The partnership comes off the back of new data released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, which states that the proportion of low-income households paying more than 30 per cent of their income in rent has risen to 44 per cent.

Given the rise in housing stress, Horizon CEO Jason Cubit says Toowoomba will be better placed to tackle increasing rent and mortgage payments with the partnership creating a strengthened affordable housing force in the region.

“Horizon is dedicated to making a real difference to community members in need. To achieve this, we seek to work with great organisations in local communities that are making a big difference.

“We are working together with ASSERT Services, a well-established organisation in Toowoomba, to help both organisations reach more clients in the Toowoomba and surrounding communities.”

ASSERT currently provides a range of services including disability support, home and community care, home maintenance, and community housing which helps 10,000 individuals in Toowoomba and surrounding regions.

ASSERT Services President, Ms Jane Davis says ASSERT and Horizon are both dedicated to improving the lives of people in need by capitalising on their individual strengths to provide innovative and affordable housing solutions.

“The alliance with Horizon Housing strengthens, as well as broadens, our base within Toowoomba and surrounding regions, and will afford greater outcomes for people in need who live in those communities,” says Ms Davis.

“We have aligned ourselves with a professional and like-minded body, our goals are the same. The opportunity to reach these goals can only be strengthened through the alliance.”

Horizon currently manages 2,450 properties, a growing proportion of which are located in Toowoomba and Western Downs. Mr Cubit expects to further increase the number of properties in Toowoomba region by pairing ASSERT Service’s local experience and skills with the expertise and professional systems of a large-scale provider.

“We will leverage this partnership to spearhead new developments, boost asset management and tenancy management services in order to increase housing stock within the region and ensure each tenant is provided with the best possible service,” says Mr Cubit.

“As the Queensland Government’s Housing 2020 Strategy rolls out, we’re looking forward to progressing with a number of new projects with ASSERT to improve the overall housing situation and achieve great housing outcomes for Toowoomba.”

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