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Your Home, Your Place

Horizon Housing provides safe, secure social and affordable housing solutions across a range of diverse communities. We know our communities and the people who live in them have their own unique culture, lifestyle, interests and needs. Horizon strives to provide more than just a home, we want our tenants to be connected within their place, their neighbourhood and their community.

Your Home, Your Place is Horizon’s commitment to work with our tenants to provide quality housing services and to work with our communities and our partners to deliver responses and products that support our tenants to engage and participate in their communities.

Your Home, Your Place Principles:

  • We will be open and accountable to you, our tenants and to our communities
  • We will listen, value and respect the diversity of our tenants and deliver responses and products that are appropriate and relevant
  • We will communicate clearly and appropriately with our stakeholders
  • We will be innovative and explore new ways of engaging
  • We will review our activities to continuously improve our approach
  • We will find partners to support the wellbeing of our clients and introduce pathways to achieve their aspirations
  • We will ensure our tenants and our partners have input and influence in the way we plan and deliver our services
  • We will advocate for our tenants and collaborate with our partners to ensure services are accessible and delivered in a quality and timely manner

Horizon’s activities will be outlined in our Action Plan 2015-2017. Key investments areas in this plan are;

  1. Your Home – Access to quality services, feeling secure, and having pride in your Horizon home
  2. Your Horizon – Being informed and included in the way Horizon services are planned and delivered
  3. Your Place – Connections to your community
  4. Your Future – Reducing barriers to learning and participation to support your aspirations

Your Home, Your Place is Horizon’s firm and clear commitment to our tenants that we want to have ongoing and quality engagement, that we will review and refine our approach and that Horizon will be responsive and accountable. How we do this will be detailed in the Your Home, Your Place Action Plan to be introduced in early 2015 following consultation across our communities.

If you are a tenant of Horizon Housing, can you please give us your feedback on the types of activities or services that are important to you by completing this brief survey.

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