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Privacy Statement

The protection and confidentiality of personal information is important to Horizon Housing (Horizon). Any information that we collect is kept confidential, and will only be accessed by authorised persons within Horizon and its authorised representatives. Horizon will ensure that any agents, contractors or third parties engaged to provide services to our customers, are bound by contractual obligations to protect personal information.



Horizon Housing will only collect information that is directly relevant to the maintenance of a tenancy or property in accordance with government regulations and legal requirements.  All information held by Horizon Housing is kept with privacy, security and confidentiality in mind.

For more details on Horizon’s Privacy Policy, please click on the below links. Alternatively, to speak to someone about the Horizon Privacy Policy, please ring the Contact Centre at 1300 133 027, and choose option 6.



Type of Information Collected

The type of information that we collect depends on the services that customers have asked us to provide.

Standard personal information required includes: name; address; date of birth; contact details. Further information may be necessary for the provision of services, such as details regarding the property, dependants, income and rental history. Horizon will not collect, use or disclose information about customers unless it is legally required or permitted to collect, use or disclose that information.

Standard sensitive information required may include: ethnicity; mental health status; health status; criminal history.


Why personal information is collected

Horizon Housing collects personal information in order to identify customers’ needs, assess applications and provide services.


How information is collected

In most cases, Horizon Housing will only collect information from customers directly. This can be done through written applications, face-to-face in our offices or via telephone or electronic means such as the Internet or email. Occasionally, Horizon may collect personal information from third parties when required, such as to arrange support services.


Information collected online

Horizon Housing collects information about visitors to our online resources. Information that is collected is limited and is used to identify online behavioural patterns.


Choosing not to give us personal information or to be Anonymous or Pseudonymous

Complaints and feedback can be accepted anonymously. Anonymous complaints will be investigated in line with Horizon Housing’s approved complaints procedure. However, Horizon will not generally provide an update on the outcome of the investigation. If you lodge an anonymous complaint, you may contact Horizon and advise of the time and date your complaint was lodged in order to obtain an update on the outcome of an investigation. It should also be noted that an anonymous complaint will be investigated based on the information provided. Natural justice must apply
when investigating the complaint; if further information is required, the complaint will be deemed as unsubstantiated.



Horizon Housing will not discuss with any other person or organisation any private details without a customer’s prior consent. In particular circumstances Horizon Housing is however required to ensure certain information is made available to lawful authorities including the:
• Police
• Department of Communities
• Centrelink
• Australian Taxation Office

Support Service Consent form can be found here to be completed.


Keeping information safe

Horizon Housing maintains strict protocols for the storage of information and this will only be accessed by people that have the authority to do so. Horizon Housing will maintain physical security (locks and security systems) and electronic security (such as firewalls and access controls for computer systems).

Horizon Housing will destroy personal information if it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected or for the purposes of meeting legal and regulatory requirements. Horizon Housing will also destroy all information related to an unsuccessful NRAS application after 3 months.

All information stored in electronic form that is no longer required will be deleted from our systems.


How information is used

Horizon Housing use personal information collected to provide services to a customer. In order to do this Horizon may need to disclose some of the customer’s personal information to other people or organisations.


Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Whilst Horizon Housing will only deal with reputable service providers, we recommend that customers read the Privacy Policy of the third party if they are referred.


Disclosure of information to third parties overseas

Horizon Housing does not disclose personal information to any overseas recipients.


Accessing personal information

If requested, Horizon will provide a summary of any personal information held about a client in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles established under the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.  If the client requests detailed information, Horizon Housing may charge a fee for the retrieval of this information.


Any requests for information will be processed within a reasonable timeframe (usually within 10 business days).  If the retrieval of information involves accessing archived information and will take longer than normal, Horizon will provide with an estimated timeframe and the related cost.


Under some circumstances, Horizon may refuse access to personal information where denying access is required or authorised by law, for example if access would pose a threat to life or the health of anyone, where the request for access is regarded as frivolous or vexatious, or where information relates to anticipated or legal proceedings.  If a client is denied access to their information, Horizon staff will explain why.


How information is kept up to date

Horizon will take reasonable steps to ensure that customer’s personal information is accurate and up to date and will seek to update or correct this as soon as possible after it is determined that it is incorrect. Customers have the right to request access to their information and correct it. Customers are requested to contact us as soon as possible in writing when they become aware that their personal information is not correct.


Complaints regarding privacy

If a client believes that Horizon Housing has not fulfilled its obligations under the Australian Privacy Principles established under the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, or they do not agree with a decision made by Horizon Housing in relation to the access or update of their personal information, they can make a complaint to Horizon Housing as per the Disputes, Complaints and Appeals Policy.