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Partner With Horizon

Partnerships are a cornerstone of Horizon’s business philosophy. We strive to be the best at what we do, and recognise that we do our best work when working in tandem with other leaders in their fields. With a strong balance sheet, low gearing and a breadth of experience across our workforce, Horizon is an excellent partner to many organisations. We have established partnerships with a range of different companies in a variety of fields, including community organisations that provide support services to our tenants, lending institutions that fund our developments, local governments seeking to improve housing affordability in their towns, and private developers looking to develop affordable housing.

If you’re interested in working together, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Support & Community Agencies

Horizon is committed to ensuring that our tenants get the support that they need to help them improve their housing situation. We coordinate support for our tenants, and are keen to work with leading support agencies and community groups who deliver high quality support services, or who can help our tenants to participate in their local community. We’re also interested in developing strong relationships with the local communities in which we operate, and community groups that are experienced in tackling social cohesion issues and community development.


Private Developers and Industry

Horizon provides a range of housing options, from income based social housing through to the affordable end of market-priced development. While a developer in our own right, we also work with developers, partnering within larger communities to deliver pre-sales, funding opportunities, and rolling purchase of stock. Within large master-planned communities, we can integrate small-scale affordable housing projects to widen your client base. Our award-winning development team can work with you to consult on affordable and community housing, link with funding opportunities, help gain support for your project and provide community diversity.

With experience managing one of the longest running and largest National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) portfolios in Australia, we understand compliance, reporting and NRAS management intimately. When funding rounds are available, we can also lodge for incentives, providing a whole-of-life NRAS solution.

Horizon can also provide a link for industry to the affordable and community housing sector. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and efficiency. If you’re committed to delivering community benefits, Horizon is the partner you’re looking for. We work with some of the largest companies in Australia, providing affordable and community housing outcomes with a professional attitude. Horizon also supports local business in resource communities to retain staff by providing affordable housing.


Horizon works with all levels of government across Australia. We partner with local councils looking to improve affordability for their communities, with State governments to provide a professional and responsive option for community housing development and management, and with the federal government to deliver affordable housing programs on time and on budget. We have an excellent working relationship with all these levels of government, and work with frontline staff and ministers alike. We provide a wide range of services to government, including;

  • Social housing tenancy management
  • Social housing property management
  • Social and affordable housing development
  • Urban renewal


Community Housing Providers

Horizon is interested in establishing partnerships with other community housing providers, where individual specialties can provide mutual benefits. Examples could include;

  • Crisis accommodation providers;
  • Specialist tenancy managers;
  • Local experts with a long history of working in their community;
  • Small providers seeking the expertise and support of a large, potential Tier 1, provider.

Horizon has experience to offer in:

  • Development management of new housing;
  • NRAS compliance;
  • Funding submissions;
  • Asset management;
  • Tenancy management;
  • Compliance, governance and reporting; and
  • All areas of social and affordable housing provision.

Horizon operates across Queensland and northern New South Wales. With increased regulation, and funding partners and governments looking for scale, partnering with Horizon is an opportunity to grow your business while retaining a local focus. Horizon can also help through a consulting arrangement, providing project management and development expertise for those providers who are looking to develop new projects.



With a rapidly growing business, Horizon is keen to listen to new ideas and work with innovative consultants to deliver the best housing outcomes. Horizon utilises in-house project management, NRAS and tenancy management, and asset management, but utilises contractors and consultants in a number of areas.

For opportunities in the development area, please click here.