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During the course of your tenancy, maintenance issues sometimes arise. Prior to lodging a maintenance request, please view the Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide which provides solutions to some commonly experienced maintenance problems.

To lodge a Maintenance Request please click here (please note you may need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader on your mobile device and some computers to fill in this PDF). If the form does not work, please try another browser.

While you are responsible for keeping your property in good condition, repairs to the property might be our responsibility. If the property is damaged, you must inform us, even if you caused the damage to ensure the problem is fixed or to prevent further damage.  You can lodge a maintenance request through our web site which will help us actively manage the enquiries we receive and ensure we are able to process your request as quickly as possible or if it is an after-hours emergency, call  us on 0413 732 807. We will respond as soon as possible. The following table outlines how long you should expect to wait before someone contacts you to arrange to fix the problem.


Expected Maintenance Timeframes

Class   Example  Response Time  Contact (In order)
IMMEDIATE (Health and Safety - Any fault which could lead to death or injury to persons or serious damage to property)

Gas leak, live bare electrical wire, building damage, burst water pipe inside building, fire

1 hour

Emergency Services

Utility Provider

Horizon Housing Contact Centre

After hours Emergency Contact Number

URGENT (Health and Safety and Functionality - any fault which could endanger health or result in extensive damage to property)

Secure property after forced entry or damage, no lights and/or power, serious water penetration

4 hours

Horizon Housing or After Hours Emergency Number

PRIORITY (Functionality - Faults which cause serious inconvenience to client) Blocked drains (minor), toilet cistern, broken locks on external doors

24 hours

Horizon Housing Contact Centre

NORMAL (Faults which cause inconvenience, or may in long term cause further damage Slow dripping taps, stove element not working, water hammer, doors jamming 14 days Horizon Housing Contact Centre


Please note that the above is a guide for contact time frames, not how long it will take to have the problem fixed. Some of our properties are head leased, and in these cases the owners/agents might be responsible for repairs. While we will try our best to ensure repairs are completed on time, we cannot guarantee our third party response times.

If repairs are your responsibility, you will be required to make payment for the outstanding invoice. Please note any repairs completed at the property must be to a tradesman-like standard.

If you vacate without paying for outstanding repairs which are the tenant’s responsibility, then this outstanding debt will be taken from your bond.

If the maintenance is the Property Owner’s responsibility, they will pay for all repairs.

Maintenance Responsibilities

The following table outlines who is responsible for particular maintenance items.

Responsibility Item
Property Owner Built in appliances (not tenant damage)
Electrical repairs
Hot water heater
Leaking taps
Leaking/broken pipes
Pest damage
Storm damage including broken windows
Water damage (from rain/damp)
Windows broken by vandals (police report required)
Tenant Blocked drains
Blown light bulbs
Damage caused by pets
Damage from stickers/wall hangings
Stained carpets
Stove elements
Windows broken by Tenant