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National Rental Affordability Scheme

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is an Australian Government initiative financially supported by the Queensland Government to increase the supply of affordable rental housing across the state.If you would like to apply to rent a property through the National Rental Affordability Scheme, you will first need to register with the Department of Housing and Public Works, Housing Services, by completing the NRAS online registration form.

Once registered as an eligible NRAS client you can then apply to rent a property under the Scheme. When you submit your application to Horizon Housing, you will be required to provide documentation that verifies your identity and household income and sign a declaration form that all the information you have provided is true and correct, before an offer of tenancy can be made.

Eligibility criteria for the National Rental Affordability Scheme

To rent a property under the National Rental Affordability Scheme in Queensland, you must meet each of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be an Australian citizen, have permanent residency or have been issued with a temporary protection or bridging visa.
  2. You must be a Queensland resident or provide evidence of a definite need to move to Queensland.
  3. You or your household members must not own or part-own property within Australia or overseas. This includes residential or commercial property, land, mobile home or caravan (permanently connected to utilities).
  4. Your household’s combined liquid assets, meaning money in the bank, shares, investments and superannuation payouts, must not exceed $114,187.50 for a single person or $145,875.00 for two or more household members.
  5. Your proposed household’s combined annual gross income must not exceed the following limits:

NRAS household income limits – last updated February 2018

Household Type

At commencment of NRAS Tenancy

intial income limit must not exceed

During NRAS Tenancy 

uppeincome limit must not exceed

One Adult $50,489 $63,112
Two Adults $69,804 $87,255
Three Adults $89,119 $111,399
Four Adults $108,434 $135,543
Sole Parent with one Child $69,852 $87,315
Sole Parent with two Children $86,600 $108,250
Sole Parent with three Children $103,348 $129,185
Couple with one Child $86,552 $108,190
Couple with two Children $103,300 $129,125
Couple with three Children $120,048 $150,060


To calculate NRAS eligibility for household types not identified in the table above, please use the following income limits.

Household Type Household Income
First Single Adult $50,489
Each Additional Adult - sole parent $53,104
Each Additional Adult $19,315
Each Child $16,748
Independent minor $50,489


Please note:

  • Household income cannot exceed initial income limit at the point of application.
  • Tenants whose income exceeds the relevant upper income limit for their household type for two consecutive eligibility years cease to be eligible tenants.
  • Income eligibility limits for the National Rental Affordability Scheme are higher than those for social housing.
  • Income levels above are assessed on the total income for a household, not individuals within the household.
  • Yearly rent increases for scheme properties are capped at the rental component of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • Tenants renting a property through the Scheme may be eligible for rent assistance, subject to the normal Centrelink eligibility criteria.
  • The appointed tenancy managers of Scheme properties will select which eligible applicants will be housed through the Scheme.