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What is Community Housing?

Community Housing is designed to support those with low incomes by providing income-based rental accommodation.

Tenants are generally referred to Horizon Housing from the Department of Communities (Housing & Homelessness Services) when a vacancy in one of our properties arises. We operate properties within a number of programs in partnership with the Department.

In general, community housing is intended as a bridge towards either public housing, affordable housing or the private rental market.

Accommodation within the scheme is provided in a mix of houses, duplexes and low rise apartments. Rent is charged based on the income of tenants, up to 28% of income plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance.


Your Home, Your Place 

Horizon Housing believes our tenants are the focus of the work we do. We want our tenants to engage with us to give feedback and contribute to the way their housing services are planned and delivered. We want our tenants to have the opportunities, support and products they need to feel connected and involved in their communities.

To achieve this, Horizon Housing is introducing Your Home, Your Place as our commitment to create the links, pathways  and opportunities our tenants tell us they need to increase their sense of belonging, their feeling of security and  reduce the barriers to achieve their aspirations. Opportunities for tenants and community partners to give feedback and be involved in developing the types of activities and response delivered in the Your Home, Your Place Action Plan will be available shortly.   

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