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About Us

Horizon Housing provides high quality sustainable housing solutions, ranging from subsidised rental accommodation to home ownership.

Horizon Housing, as a consolidated group of two charities, manages and develops community and affordable housing for those on low and moderate incomes. Formerly Gold Coast Housing Company, we have been established for 20 years and are governed by a dedicated Board of Directors and managed by a committed team of staff.

Company History

Gold Coast Housing Company was established in 2007 through the amalgamation of two well respected and accredited community housing organisations; Gold Coast Community Housing Association Inc. and Gold Coast Vision Housing Ltd. In 2009 our team was further expanded through an amalgamation with Gold Coast Housing Association Inc. In 2010 Gold Coast Housing Company became Horizon Housing because this brand better represented our organisations field of operations which are now beyond the Gold Coast.

In 2010 Horizon Housing Solutions was incorporated and in 2011 Horizon Housing Solutions began operations. This company was created to focus on delivering Affordable Housing opportunities. The key driver behind the creation of this company was to allow Horizon Housing Company, as a Public Benevolent Institution and a not-for-profit charity, to focus on delivering social housing while Horizon Housing Solutions, a not-for-profit charity, could focus on delivering affordable housing.

Our Vision

It is our vision that Horizon Housing is recognised as a leader in the provision of affordable innovative housing solutions. To do this, we will focus on two key areas: providing affordable, innovative housing solutions for clients, including developing ‘green’ and sustainable properties; and providing quality social outcomes for our clients, ensuring their needs are met and they are supported in ‘pathways’ on the road to their eventual housing aspirations, whether it be permanent supported accommodation or market-priced home ownership.

Our Purpose

To provide innovative affordable housing solutions throughout our home state of Queensland and nation-wide.

Our Strategic Objectives

In order to successfully achieve our vision of providing innovative affordable housing solutions, Horizon Housing has agreed a set of key strategic initiatives to guide the Company through to 2014:

  1. Sustainable Growth: We will sustainably increase the delivery of Affordable and Social Housing.
  2. Organisational Capability: We will improve our capability, corporate accountability and back office reliability within our organisation.
  3. Pathways & Outcomes: We will support our clients’ aspirations and provide relevant, quality and measurable ‘Outcomes’ data.
  4. Brand: We will foster our brand through the quality of service we offer and increase the awareness of our brand throughout Australia.

Our Strategic Plan can be viewed here.

Our Values

Our values underpin our work and guide every decision and action we undertake.

  1. Conscientious: Responsible Business Practices
  2. Committed: Passionate People
  3. Compassionate & Caring: Attitudes
  4. Collaborative: Partnerships with all Stakeholders
  5. Consistent: Sustainable Growth
  6. Corporate: Business Management Approach

How and Where we Operate

Funds raised by Horizon Housing in its management of rental properties / rental assistance programs are retained within the organisation. These funds are reinvested in building and managing more properties and expanding our capacity to assist those in housing stress. As a “not-for-profit” company we need to create “profit” (surplus) so that we can re-invest in our communities and increase the quality and quantity of the services we provide. The key concept is that through effective financial management and a variety of funding sources we can create a stable organisation and prepare for future growth and diversification.


We currently have properties and projects across Queensland & New South Wales in 15 different Local Government areas:

  • Gold Coast City
  • Logan City
  • Brisbane City
  • Bundaberg Regional
  • Ipswich City
  • Moreton Bay Regional
  • Gympie Regional
  • Scenic Rim Regional
  • Toowoomba Regional
  • Tweed Shire
  • Townsville City
  • Redland City
  • Western Downs Regional
  • Maranoa Regional
  • Mackay Regional

Our business is further supported by the construction activities that we undertake. The purpose of the design and construction activities we undertake is to support our business in our goal to increase our capacity, delivering a variety of community and affordable housing outcomes.