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The construction of new homes is an important component of addressing housing affordability across the country; developing new stock allows us to assist more people in need.

The purpose of the design and construction activities we undertake is to support our business in our goal to increase our capacity, delivering a variety of community and affordable housing outcomes. Horizon Housing have established 4 key principles that drive our development decisions and practice:

  1. Usability - We endeavour to ensure that all developments are designed to meet the needs of the people who will be using them (i.e. Community and Affordable Housing Tenants).

  2. Sustainability - We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our buildings, through the incorporation of innovative design principles and sustainable features. 

  3. Affordability - We approach every delevopment with a focus on affordability, in regards to both the construction stage and ongoing housing affordability for our tenants. The less we have to spend on construction, the more homes we can build and the more people we can assist.

  4. Design Aesthetic - We recognise the importance of design aesthetic in our products, to ensure our dwellings integrate and add to the urban landscape. With plenty of natural light, private and communal open space, our developments are pleasurable places to live.